Cable Assemblies + Wire Harness

For over 40 years, we’ve produced a wide variety of cable assemblies, ranging from a single ground wire to multi-cable complex assemblies. At GlobalTec, we know each assembly brings its own set of challenges, so our team develops required filtering and test equipment to accommodate each design. We offer custom test methods to meet the demands of a specific application. And by using industry-standard methods and upscale equipment, we ensure every assembly is 100 percent verified and tested. As our mission states, we want to be your most valued resource in cable assemblies; that’s why we always seek consistent quality and deliver competitive pricing.

Value Added

Beyond assembly and molding capabilities, we offer value add finishing services to enhance your product and provide design feedback. This ensures overall quality, manufacturability, and helps reduce the cost of assembly. Our team verifies the design is built to our high standards, includes custom parts, and is your most cost-effective option. Know that any products you supply can be processed by adding connectors, terminals, or other interconnect devices as required.

Box Build

We provide full turn-key, finished good assemblies to aid our customers in their production processes. Injection/over-molding and cable/wire development allow us to horizontally integrate production. And by working hand-in-hand with our customers, we establish the necessary assembly and test criteria to ensure the highest quality product.


GlobalTec has extensive experience in over-mold and injection molding, offering everything from strain reliefs to connectors and caps. Numerous materials are available based on specific needs including PVC, PP, PBT, and Nylon. Our molding team will assist in any development and design of components and deliver necessary feedback to guarantee manufacturability, quality, and an affordable cost for design.