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Oleco is founded in Spring Lake, MI and its initial focus is Numerically Controlled PCBA drilling machines.


Oleco moves into wire harness production to support the gaming industry.


Oleco shifts into the medical device industry and begins servicing some of the top performing medical device OEM’s in the world.


Oleco merges with Global Technologies to become GlobalTec. The company adds data com interconnect services to its capabilities, and breaks into other markets while continuing to serve the medical device industry.


GlobalTec is approached by the world’s largest medical device OEM’s and asked to help establish the criteria for process and equipment validation in cable and wire harness commodity.


Today, this criteria is known as MedAccred, an accreditation program for critical process manufacturing operations in medical devices. The goal is to ultimately improve product quality and reduce patient risk.

GlobalTec is one of the first cable and wire harness companies in the world to receive the MedAccred accreditation, and the first to receive merit for passing consecutive audits.